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Create a Lively New Look for Your Windows

Home decor is a very important aspect and requires a meticulous amount of planning in addition to creativity and of course, budgetary planning on account of home-owners. Irrespective of the fact whether you hire a professional interior designer or interior architect for decorating your home, one of the most vital aspects of home decor is the decoration of your windows. There are several interesting ways that you can adopt to create a lively look for your windows, in a manner that befits your home budget.

Innovative Ideas to liven up your bedroom

If you are looking to update your bedroom, then we’re here to tell you that decor is more about having good taste and thinking out of the box, rather than shelving out huge sums of money. For instance, if your bedroom appears to be dull and gloomy, you can have a wall painted with bright hues to create a lively effect. And as far as the colour wheel is concerned, colours like green and blue are cooling colours while red and orange shades are considered as warm colours. Using a large ornate mirror as a focal point is a great way to spruce up the decor of your bedroom, and so is the use of innovative lighting fixtures. Experimenting with artwork or getting in luxurious rugs is also great ways of achieving this.

Measuring your Windows

It’s quite easy to measure your windows, especially when you have your basics right. Often when you need to have a shutters designed for your windows, or decorate them in any other manner, the need to measure the window first becomes important. In case of sash windows or single-unit windows, you can measure the length and breadth, while for box or multiple-unit windows, you will have to measure the length and breadth of every single unit.

Top designer uses window shutters

Any good interior designer or commercial interior architect will definitely suggest the use of shutter for windows. Prior to the advent of modern window shutters, the elite class used to heavily rely on the use of sheet curtains, heavy curtains and window canopies to create a charming look. A mix of modern fabrics and antique furnishings, as in the case of June DeLugas, is an excellent way to go about it. The fact that top designers opt for modern and artistic window decors is highly indicative of the fact that window decor elements are here to stay!

Incorporating Window Treatments in Interior Trends

Interior decor has got to do not only with flaunting your style or impressing visitors; scientific research has proven that the more clutter-free, well-maintained and ambient your home environment is, the healthier you are and the more productive you tend to be at all times. The basic principles of Feng Shui also state the same thing about bringing in positive vibes and keeping negative energy at bay by making the best possible utilization of space and decor elements. In order to gain further in-sights on incorporating window treatments in interior trends, please click here.

Types of Window Treatments

Window Treatments can be primarily categorized into two categories- hard treatments and soft treatments. While the category of hard window treatments include ones like shutters, blinds and shades, the soft ones include curtains and drapery. In addition to hard and soft treatments as mentioned above, there are several other window treatment accessories that you could make use of in order to enhance the eye-appeal of your windows and bring a drastic improvement in the overall ambience of your bedroom. What’s even more interesting is the fact  that most modern window treatments are a combination of functionality and aesthetics rather than only being used for decorative purposes. The erstwhile decorative treatments include molding, cornice, valence and also window glass treatments like frosted glass or stained glass. More than anything else, the present-day consumer has a large variety of window treatments, both hard and soft, functional and decorative to choose from and the abundance of online options makes it even more difficult for a consumer to make the right choice.

Opting for the best

Custom Window Treatments are the best way to go about the process of beautifying your windows if you’re not sure where to begin. While valances and swag curtains impart a touch of class and elegance, choosing the right colour is important so that the window treatments blend with the overall colour scheme of the room, instead standing out and jarring the vision. Natural woven shades and country style curtains are in vogue these days, and so is the use of tier curtains in rooms with block windows or high ceilings.




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